The Blue Nile

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile (Amharic: ???); transliterated: ?Abbai, also pronounced “Abbai” is a river starting the longest river journeys in Africa from Lake Tana. Though the origins of the Nile are debatable in Ethipia. Some say it is Lake Tana, some Say Little Abay up in the Gishen Mopuntains. We believe the majestic Simien Mountains are the source of Abay as they catch the clouds to give us most of the rain.

And a big fact is 85% of the Nile is sourced from Ethiopia. Abay had a lot more history and cultural value than its practical use in the past. But guess what? We are damming it, taming it for a big war to fight poverty. Is there any other blissful work of humans than fighting poverty. We doubt that. We welcome all those interested in visiting the famous Blue Nile, The falls, learn the social and cultural value of the Nile, and even be part of the fight against poverty through the famous Nile.