Ethiopia is one of the unique and most fascinating countries in Africa. Here you can go back in time, explore different cultures, wonder amazing landscapes, and go extremes to below sea level and maximum temperature on earth. What will impress you most is the hospitality of every community, every culture and every small hut on your journey in Ethiopia. We are one of the poorest countries the world, but no doubt that we are one of the happy communities you will find in your travels. Pride is what you may use to characterize Ethiopians.

It did not come out of nothing, but from conquering all adversities of life be it natural disaster, foreign evader or local conflicts. We advise you to have an open eye to watch the mysterious beauty of the county. The changes you see in Ethiopia are one of the fastest in the world Yes for better. All the negative images of Ethiopia will soon be in our back.

We welcome you to Ethiopia warmly and assure you a pleasant time during your stay.