Who does not know that Coffee is Ethiopia’s Kind gift to the world? Well if you do not now you know. It is only in Ethiopia where you find Forest Wild Coffee.


Even the name coffee comes from the home of coffee growing region in Ethiopia, Kaffa. We all advise to all coffee lovers not only to enjoy Ethiopian coffee during their stay in Ethiopia but to buy some to take home. As it is cheaper here in Ethiopia and also  you contribute to the economy and support  the fair trade of coffee by buying it locally. Ethiopian Coffee is the most expensive type of coffee in retail shops all over the western world.

The coffee ceremony is our complimentary offer to all those who book package tours with us. Nu Buna Tetu we welcome you to the three steps coffee ceremony with the sweet smell of the  incense in the burner and watching the roasting and grinding of coffee while you watch it.

It takes half an hour to an hour but you will see the social culture of Ethiopia through the coffee ceremony. Neighbors are invited, snacks will be served, either a popcorn, roasted barley or pieces of bread to enjoy the coffee moments. Do not miss it.