Axum is where it all began some historians say. It is the place  of ancient Ethiopian Civilization, was a great commercial center, issuing its own currency and trading with Egypt, Arabia, Persia, India and even Ceylon. Axum is the place where you find the earliest ruins of churches in the world, which were built immediately after the introduction of Christianity. By the 4th Century AD Christianity has already become a state religion and it lasted until the 1974.

The original building had 12 chapels (Holy Of Holies) for the twelve apostles. Though you see only the remains of it. No other church has been built in that fashion since. By traveling to Axum you will also have a chance to see the chapel where the Ark of the covenant is kept. It has been believed for centuries the Ark of the Covenant that was stolen from King Solomon of Jerusalem by his son Minilik I,  who was born from an Ethiopian Queen.

No one ever seen it, except the small building it was kept in, there is only one Monk who will look after it until his death or replaced by an able monk.

The stele park, tombs of kings, caves and marvelous work of ancient civilization make your visit in Axum a worthwhile.