Is a place time has forgot. The main reason for the construction the rock hewn churches is to creat pilgrimage with in Ethiopia. The legend of Lalibela and the rock churches in and around Laliblela will take you back in time. What will impress you most is not only how they were built 900year ago, but how they lasted the adversities of nature above all  the worst destructor- human beings.

We all advise all travelers to listen to themselves and travel back in time and take a moment to think what it means being there now, and when they were built. We believe it will be a great journey of the minds driven by ancient works of humans. Lalibela has 11 remarkable rock-hewn  monolithic churches, believed to have been built by King Lalibela in the late 12th or early 13th Century.

These notable structures are carved, inside and out,  into the solid rock, and are  considered to be among the wonders of the world though they were not included in the original seven wonders of the world, only because they were not know.