Gonder was the 17th Century capital of Ethiopia, and is notable for its medieval Castles and churches. The City's unique imperial compound contains a number of Castles built between 1632 and 1855 by the various Emperors who reigned during this period. These dramatic castles, unlike any other African, display architectures  that reveals the Axumite traditions as well as the influence of Arabia.

There are also churches that depict the castle constructions. One of which is the Debrebirhan Selassie Church. Which is the second oldest Trinity church in Ethiopia. There were also bridges constructed during the Gonderite period. The bridge near the Blue Nile Falls is one of the seven bridges built by Emperor Fasiledas.

Other treasure of Gonder include the 18th Century palace of Ras Beit, the bath of Fasilades, the ruined palace of Kusquam, and the church of Debre Berhane Selassie with its unique murals and ceiling angle faces.