Is The only walled city in East Africa, belived the fourth holy city of Islam, and a city of over a hundred mosques. Inhabited by the Harari people with their colourfuldressing and weavings, great wedding events and above all warm welcome. The narrow walkways, medieval walls, greatcity  gates of the Harar is so unique in Ethiopia. The Harari houses are famous for the special sits for the man of the house, the women, the children and even a special honeymoon room. If you someone is intested to get married to the grown up girl  he has to look up near the celing whether there is a carpet or not. That will tell you if she has been engaged already or not.

Markets are special attraction in Ethiopia and Markets in Harar are exceptinalycolourful. Take your time to look at the fruits market, Chat (Khat) Market, and road side cafes and chefs who prepare samosa. The tempting smell will make your walks in Harar an unforgettable one. Do not be upset if you see people chew Khat (Chat). Khat or Chat is a mild stimulant used by young and old and a favourit past time of the Harari people.

As it gets dark you willsstrat to see wild hyenas walking about the walls, villages outside the wall, with out being a risk to the community. The Hyena man is also an interesting part of what you will visit in Harar, Yousuf has been feeding wild hyenas for over 30 years and his son is queuing up to take this role after his father. Within the walled city there is a small market,Arthur Rambauds house a French poet who used to live in the wall in the 19th century. Rimbaud House a fine building traditional house dating from the period when the French poet Rimbaud lived in Harar. What you see inside it with the stained glass windows, the doors and windows and even the view from the top floor will take give you a breath taking moments.